Are you dreaming of traveling the world
while making money from your laptop,
in a creative & fulfilling way?

Then webdesign is absolutely the thing for you!

Stop working for a boss,

Say bye to your fulltime inspireless job,

And start your freedom life while making money immediately!

Do you feel stuck in your current job?
Are you looking for a new way of living,
with more freedom and creativity?

You feel that you cannot put your creative energy in your current job. You would love to make a switch, but are unsure about what to do next.

You would love to take a next step in your life, but you’re scared.

You love being creative, but not so creative that you’re like Picasso.

You would love to Create something, to Bring something to the world.

You love to work with people, but you want to be able to work remotely as well, to feel the freedom to work from anywhere and not stuck in a boring office.

Where you are now is based on decisions you made 3-5 years ago.
So what decision do you want to make now?

In your dreams your life looks a bit like this

  • You’re waking up at the time that feels best for you, your mind and your body. After getting up, you get yourself a nice cup of coffee or tea and you spend some time with your family or loved one, without having to rush to your job.


  • You go to a cosy coffee place with your laptop and within this nice atmosphere you work as long as you want. Maybe today it’s just 1 or 2 hours, or maybe you’re in a creative flow and you just cannot stop! It depends on how you feel that day and you are the boss, so you decide.


  • You love going on trips to beautiful cities like Barcelona, Rome, San Francisco and New York, or  or maybe islands are more of your thing, like Bali or Curacao. Anyway, you do this regurarly because you can just bring your laptop and work from anywhere.


  • You love your job and you cannot wait to start the day and work on your creative solutions for you clients. They are fun to work with, all of them have interesting own businesses that are their passion, it’s exciting for you to learn about them, and communicate and work together to create a final product that they are proud of and o so thankful for.





We can make your dream life into reality!

Through the skill of creating websites, you will:

  • Make a living from everywhere, all you need is your laptop and wifi!


  • Doing a job you love without having to be Picasso, but still creative you get you in that beautiful ‘flow’ where you forget about the time


  • Make a difference in people’s life by creating a beautiful online product that they will be proud to show to the world.


  • Decide your own hours, be your own boss and spend more quality time with your family and friends..


Let’s do a quick introduction

Hi there! My name is Anne Elise and I’m a Professional Salsa Dancer and Online Business Owner.

From my two biggest hobbies I have made more than a full time income, but the thing is, this has never felt like work, cause I love it so much!

I have lived in New York where during the day I worked as a website manager of a fashion company, and at night I would train with one of the biggest salsa dance teams in the world.

These beautiful 4 year experience has made me to the person I am today, and all of the knowledge I have acquired I love to bring to the world!

Webdesign is one of my favorite hobbies that is making me money at the same time!

When I was about 10 years old I loved to play with Photoshop to edit images. I had no idea what I was doing, just changing colors, blending images together, I could do this for hours!

I also made basic websites with MSN Groups which was a thing that time, where you could create website pages with basic text and images, I made things like this every day.

When I had to choose a bachelor program I was blessed that there was something in this direction in Amsterdam, called Communication & Multimedia Design.

I absolutely loved this bachelor program and I learned a lot, but unfortunately as most college degrees a lot of information about how to apply the information in the real world was missing.

So when I finished my degree I started creating websites immediately for clients and I made a lot of mistakes.

But now I’m thankful for these mistakes, because through this trial and error I learned the best ways to create websites for clients and find customers to make a full time income.

Now I have put all of my webdesign ways and lifestyle strategies into one program so everybody can learn how to live this way.

Even the greatest was once a beginner
Don’t be scared to take that first step

Why webdesign is one of the greatest job to have today:


  • It’s location independent: You can create websites and hold contact with your clients from any where in the world, with just your laptop and wifi.


  • You are your own boss: You decide your own hours. Are you a night owl? Be the night owl! Are you a morning person? Work in the mornings and go explore the rest of the day!


  • There is a huge market for solo webdesigners: Many small business owners or entrepreneurs would rather work with an individual than a big corporate business where they are just a number. You give them the personal attention that they seek.


  • It’s creative, but not too artistic: You work with colors, composition, design, which activates the artistic part in you, but you don’t have to create Picasso paintings. It’s the perfect balance between being creative, but still focussing on the practical goal of your product.


  • If you’re into it, you can make it as technical as you want, by using coding. These days you barely need any code to create pretty websites, but if you want to go next level and create high level websites you can use coding to do this, and this is way easier to learn than you think!


  • You are helping people: By creating a website you put somebody or their business on the map. You build a solution for them to be proud of, like an online business card for their customers, their representation.


The Past will never change,

But you can change the Future

By changing your actions Today

The online program that you can access from everywhere

You get access to 12 online modules + some BONUS MODULES where you learn all about building a successful webdesign business.

You not only learn what it takes practically, but you also learn all about mindset and energy. That way you not only KNOW what to do, but actually DO it without sabotaging yourself.

You keep unlimited access to all chapters, forever! In the future, when you’re traveling and working in freedom on your beautiful websites for your clients, you probably from time to time will think ‘How did this little detail work again? How to edit this super easy again?’ for those moments you can always grab back to the program.

You can do the program in the pace that you need. It doesn’t matter if you have a full time job or have all the time in the world, the most important thing is consistency: Even with one hour per day, if you keep this up you will be able to have the online business you dream of!

This is what you’ll get:


Your story and your WHY

First we’re gonna take a look at you and we are gonna discover your WHY: Why do you want to start this business? What is your inner dream that is burning to come out? What is your motivation?

For each person this is different, and it’s superfun process to let this come to the surface, I cannot wait to work on this with you!


Design esthetics

A visually appealing website creates a positive first impression, which can influence a user’s perception of your company’s professionalism, credibility, and trustworthiness. We will focus on creating something that screams beauty and professionalism. 


Listening and implementing your clients wishes

One thing I love about creating websites for clients is that you work with people, so you have to listen to them, you have to be interested in what is important to them, and what their business means and stands for. What is the goal of their website?

In this chapter we focus on how to listen to the client and combine their ideas with your knowledge, to come together to the best solution.


How to decide on prices for your services

Often people don’t know how to price themselves, while this is a very important part. In this chapter we will focus on decide on a price for your services, and how to communicate this to your client. We will also go over creating an invoice and how to do this in a professional way, so your clients take you serious.


User experience design and psychology

In websites there is actually a lot of psychology going on! You are literally creating a path that you want your visitor to take. There are specific ways to do this that we will go over in this chapter, so that you can create the best possible solution for you client and its visitors.


Branding and creating a vibe

Branding is super important in any type of business, so we will focus in this chapter on how to create a strong branding for your and your clients business, so that it communicates a clear message to the world and gets more sales.


Developing webshops

These days e-commerce business are unavoidable, we all shop online! And for all those business there needs to be an online store. That is where you help them out! In this bonus chapter we focus specifically on creating webshops, what systems are the best and how to develop a converting store for your clients.


Getting rid of your limiting beliefs

We all have things in our head that we think are limiting us, that we’re not good enough or not worth it. Through excersizes we are gonna remove these beliefs and creating a new space where we know that Anything we set our mind to is possible, so true!



Now Don’t stress out, cause maybe when reading the word Coding the sweat starts to break out, but no worries! Coding is fun and can actually be super creative!

We mainly focus on the coding languages HTML and CSS which are mainly about the front of the website, so about how it looks, the colors, fonts, layout, etc.


Getting clients

You can make the most beautiful websites, but this is useless without knowing how to get clients! In this chapter we focus on how to get fun clients to work with, so that your projects don’t become a drag, but a fun collaboration.


The best systems to use

The online world is a big one, and it can be overwhelming to see all the programs that are out there. Which one is the best one? I have tried out many and right now I’m at the point where I am super happy with the selection that I work with, so in this program I will share all my favorite systems and programs with you, so you save a lot of time and money of trying out different ones.


Creating special functions with plugins

Some clients can have special wishes, sometimes things you have never created before. Do you say no then? No! We can still make it happen without having it ever done before. I will teach you how to create anything a client wants without having it done before, so you will keep developing as a webdesigner and not having to decline a client out of fear.


Create your Traveling Webdesigner lifestyle

When we know how to make beautiful websites, get clients and make a living from it, we are going to turn this into our lifestyle! How to make an overview how much money to make to really travel and work, how to stay consistent, how to make a good overview of what you can afford to really make this lifestyle happen, and keeping it consistent.


Creating blogs

You would think blogs are out because of all the social media going on, but this is actually not true! Through SEO and original content, blogs are actually still very popular and can even make you a nice side income!

So in this bonus chapter, we will focus on creating a blog for a client, or maybe even for yourself! If you have a big passion or a favorite hobby, turn it into a blog, and use affiliate marketing and advertisements to make a passive side income.

Frequently asked questions

I have 0 knowledge about coding, is that a problem?

No, no problem at all! Even with 0 coding knowledge you can do this course and learn it.

I'm scared it will be too technical for me, coding doesn't seem my thing, what do you think?

Don’t worry, the coding chapter is just one part of the course and we explain it totally from scratch, so even with 0 coding knowledge you can learn this! 

We work with the coding languages HTML and CSS, which are not mathematical at all and are all about the front of the website, so the content and what it looks liks, colors, fonts, layout, etc. so that makes it superfun and creative! 

Are you required to work with certain systems?

No, you are not obligated to anything. I will suggest you my favorite systems to create websites with, but you are always the boss and if you like another system more that’s totally up to you 🙂

However, I do recommend working with certain systems. In fact, I myself have tried all sorts of things and many systems are not optimal.

For a lot of systems there are affiliate links in the online environment so you can often purchase the systems at a discount.

I don't think I'm ready yet...

Let’s be honest… After all, you’ve read this page for a reason. Do you want to have more freedom? Learn a new and fun skill that can maken you the money and the inpendendicy to work and live all over the world?

I can tell you one thing: the perfect moment to start investing in yourself will never come. The right time for action is NOW. If you follow through now, in a few months you will have much more peace and freedom in your business.

I feel very insecure and I suffer a lot from limiting beliefs. Do you think it's smart to participate?

Actually, yes! I was once where you feel now, super insecure, shy girl with extreme social anxiety, never thought that stuff like this was for me. Learning new skills made me feel more and more confident in what was possible for me and helped me reached a new level in my life.

Also: right now in the program you get The Must-Have Mindset Elevation Training FOR FREE! If you do this training right before you start the Traveling Dancer Program, you’ll notice you step in with a totally different mind and you’re ready to make a change in your life 🙂

How long do I have access to the course?

You have lifetime access, so you can take the time that you need for it and when you’re finished you can always come back if you want to focus on specific elements again.

Is it more of a creative or a technical program to make websites?

Both! That’s the beautiful thing about creating websites, it has different elements and you choose your favorite to work on: design, estethics, coding, technicallity, user experience, even a little bit of psychology!

So we work on design and coding, but if you have a preference, you can leave out the coding, or the other way, you could code your whole website yourself!

What is the price of The Traveling Webdesigner Program?

The price is €1500 excl. VAT. If you create 2 websites for clients, or even 1, you have your investment already back!

I do think it's a lot of money and find it scary to make such an investment.

I totally understand that, but try to see it from another angle: When you start creating websites, after 2 clients you already made the money back! 

Also: What will it cost you when you DON’T take this step? You will stay stuck in your situation, nothing will change, you will miss out on the life that you’re dreaming of right now.

I remember when I made my first big investment, I just broke up with my boyfriend and I was so down. I decided: I’m gonna do something for myself, a gift for myself, that nobody can ever take away from me and that will teach me a new skill that will bring me to a new era in my life. The program I did completely changed my life and now I’m traveling the world and living my best life. I wish you all the same 🙂

Do you have another question?

You can always send me a message on Instagram through @anneelisewouters, and I’m here to help you 🙂

My guarantees to you

Money back guarantee

Did you try the course but didn’t feel it’s the thing for you? You’ll have a 14 day money back guarantee, so no worries.

Up to date knowledge

Since I do this for a living myself, I always make sure I stay up to date on the newest webdesign developments, that I immediately implement in the course.

A loving community

You’re not alone in this program! There are many lovely ladies that are in the same situation in life like you, and one of my goals is to connect you all and create new friendships, so we can all inspire and help each other out ♥