You living your best life, doing what you love the most, everyday, without any worries about money…

It’s closer than you think, you can make this happen!

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Financial Freedom in 7 Steps Roadmap

If you had all the money in the world,
what would you do?


You have a stable job that is paying the bills, but you notice it’s actually costing more and more of your happiness.

You would love to have more freedom, do more things that inspire and energize you, instead of the dragging 9-5 job that sucks the energy out of you.

You have the idea that financial freedom is only for lucky people: Born in rich families, lotto winners, people with special skills that they’re born with, etc.

But what if I tell you…

That financial freedom is actually reachable for everyone?

Are you gonna live your dream life?
Or stay stuck where you are at now forever?

In your dream life you would:


  • Travel where and when you want, without being limited to vacation days. Go on weekends away, or a one way ticket to Bali would be normal for you.

  • Spend time with your friends and family, enjoy their presence and connect with them completely. Be 100% present with them, instead of worrying about that deadline or work you still have to finish.


  • Make enough money to have zero worries, but still something that you absolutely love, that will never feel like work, and you only have to work a couple of hours a week tops.


  • Eat and drink in nice restaurants and cocktail bars, enjoy the good life and spoil yourself and your loved ones with beautiful experiences together.


  • Spend time on things that inspire and energize you, instead of costing you energy and only bringing you down.




Your Financial Freedom Life
is closer than you think!

After reading

The Financial Freedom in 7 Steps Roadmap, you’ll know:


  • The exact steps to take to become financially free and to never have to worry about money again.


  • Dare to listen to that inner voice that’s saying, JUST DO IT! Take that chance! Go for it, make a change!


  • Reach every goal you desire in your heart, to feel like your real authentic self.


  • How to stay consistent and turn dreams into reality, instead of giving up and be disapointed in yourself.


  • How to push through difficult moments, stay strong be able to handle anything that comes on your way.

Let’s do a quick introduction

Hi there! My name is Anne Elise and I’m a Professional Salsa Dancer, Entrepreneur & Enjoyer of Life.

From my biggest passions I have made more than €1.000.000 in revenue, through a combination of working hard, but mainly working Smart.

Through investing in myself, following proven strategies and purely focussing on the things I love and inspire me, I have now different incomes that make sure I live from my passions, but also have financial freedom in which I do each day as I please.

I believe Everyone can create this for themselves, by taking specific steps, stay consistent, don’t give up and think long term.

Through my e-book I share The 7 Step Roadmap in order to reach the Financially Flying Free lifestyle, so you never have to worry about money again.

Because you deserve a beautiful future

You are worth it


Give yourself this beautiful gift to make things happen for yourself


Nobody is gonna do it for you, you hold the power